The REIT Fleet


Viva Las Vegas?

Investors have seen the landscape of the Las Vegas strip change dramatically over the past decade.


Stability in an Unstable World

We shed some light on the balance sheet characteristics of the Top 10 holdings (constituting roughly 70% of the total portfolio) within HAUS.


Demographic Trends & REIT Investing

When looking at the investor presentations from some of the largest Apartment REITs, we can analyze where their portfolios are growing and which...

Residential REITs

Wall Street Analyst Views for Residential REITs

Following NAREIT’s REITWorld Conference, Armada ETF Advisors checked in with several Wall Street REIT analysts to get their thoughts on Residential...

Multifamily Communities

“The AIR{C} Up There!”

We had the pleasure joining AIR Communities Inc. (Ticker: AIRC) on a November 17th, 2022 property tour in Redwood City (San Francisco), CA.


Residential REITs in A World of Change

2022 by most accounts was a “historic” year for the rental housing industry in which the stars aligned and owner/operators benefited immensely from a...

Residential REITs

The Residential Ship Remains Steady

We believe residential REITs are poised to continue demonstrating consistent and predictable growth in operating cash flow & dividends for 2023 and...


“Measuring ETF Liquidity”

We believe the alpha potential over the long term may make up for the spread of the lower-volume ETFs.

Residential REITs

Residential REITs in a Bear Market

REITs have historically served as a strong inflation hedge and have direct exposure to primary drivers of the U.S. economy


Inflation, Residential Real Estate & REITs

REIT returns outperformed the S&P 500 under moderate/high inflation scenarios, while slightly underperforming general equities during low inflation...

Single Family Rental

Invitation Homes (INVH)

A real-time case study in active portfolio management. Portfolio Managers move forward with attractive opportunity, despite whistleblower lawsuit.


Single Family Rental - Earnings Deep-dive

The much-discussed housing shortage playing out across the US is also a key reason for historically low levels of resident turnover within SFR...

Senior Housing

Strategically Positioned Healthcare REITs

Despite Covid's negative affect on occupancy levels, rents, and margins in senior housing, Welltower and Ventas remain dedicated to the sector....

Apartment REITs

US Apartment REITs

Taking a look at the US apartment REIT sector to see how it fared at the close of 2021 and what we can glean going into 2022.

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