Demographic Trends & REIT Investing

When looking at the investor presentations from some of the largest Apartment REITs, we can analyze where their portfolios are growing and which...


Residential REITs in A World of Change

2022 by most accounts was a “historic” year for the rental housing industry in which the stars aligned and owner/operators benefited immensely from a...


“Measuring ETF Liquidity”

We believe the alpha potential over the long term may make up for the spread of the lower-volume ETFs.


Inflation, Residential Real Estate & REITs

REIT returns outperformed the S&P 500 under moderate/high inflation scenarios, while slightly underperforming general equities during low inflation...


Single Family Rental - Earnings Deep-dive

The much-discussed housing shortage playing out across the US is also a key reason for historically low levels of resident turnover within SFR...

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